Promoting Inclusion,

One Deck at a Time

Aurora Interactive is a social enterprise that creates games to promote inclusivity in society. We are here to uplift disadvantaged voices. We are here to light the way toward a more just world.



We are proud to present Breaking Barriers, our very first card game, designed to promote acceptance and understanding of people with disabilities (PWD).


The game is played with two types
of cards — Trivia and Draw Me

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Breaking Barriers
Trivia Mockup.png



Players who pick the Trivia Card will be presented with true or false questions. For example, a possible question might be, "Guide dogs are allowed in most food establishments. True or false?" Players are to then answer the question. Correct answers and explanations are included at the bottom to correct misconceptions.

Draw Me Mockup.png



Players who pick the Draw Me Card will have to try drawing the object on their chosen card whilst abiding by the constraints instructed on the card. For example, if a player picks the visual impairment card, they will have to draw the object with their eyes closed. Their teammates will then guess the object being drawn.


The winner of the game is the team who gets the most correct answers. We hope that through this interactive educational game, children will develop lifelong empathy towards PWDs, helping to create a more inclusive, just world.

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